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Very Latest
Should the Olympics be abolished? Al Jazeera. 2 August, 2021
The argument for a permanent Olympic City. Popular Science. 10 July, 2021

A full listing of commentary, interviews and citing is available in my cv. Here are only some of the more recent:

TV, Radio and Podcast Interviews/Broadcasts
Should the Olympics be abolished? Al Jazeera.
The argument for a permanent Olympic City. Popular Science.
The IOC is the biggest winner NBC.
The Olympic sized Question Emergency on Planet Sport.
South China Sea Vietnam National TV News.
Cyclist and pedestrian fatalities rise as cities seek automobile alternatives BYU Radio.
Stress Testing The USA YouTube

Print Interviews
John Rennie Short discusses his new book The Unequal City Regional Studies
City Challenges WalletHub.Com.
Challenging the system: an interview with John Rennie Short World Future Review.
Why can’t we hold the Olympics in the same place every time The Atlantic CityLab.

Cited in Media
What if the Olympics were always held in the same city? The Atlantic.
Gerrymandering in the U.S. Head Topics (in Portuguese).
Revior le monde en planisphere Le Devoir (in French).
How Biden’s strong military presence in Indo-pacific sets Thucydides Trap for US and China Sputnik International .
Commentary on historic maps New Atlas.
Congestion pricing in cities YKTWorld (In Chinese). 
Best of 2020: Street vendors are vital local businesses StrongTowns.
A very British tilt: How UK may influence US-China strategic competition in Indo-Pacific region SputnikNews.
Fight over Affordable Housing WYPR.
2020’s fastest growing cities in America WalletHub
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Street vendors are key to urban economic recovery and public safety NYC Gazette.
The best books on the Dark Side of the Olympics Five Books.
Cars are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions Global Citizen.
Tokyo 2020 vs Covid-19 Inside Story .
Philippine VFA Agreement explained Sputnik News.
China’s conduct in South China Sea (In Vietnamese)
Vietnam needs to be stronger case Voice of Vietnam.
Common Sense Courtesy on The Roads Alameda Sun.