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• 2024 New York City greenlights congestion pricing plan.
• 2024 Strange times.
• 2024 The US invented shopping malls but China is writing their next chapter.
• 2023 John Rennie Short's 3 favorites reads of 2023.
• 2023 Traditional downtowns are dead or dying in many US cities.
• 2023  Book Review Encounters in the New World.
• 2023  Insights in social inclusion in cities (with Mari Vaattovaara).
• 2022  A fragile democracy.
• 2022  How COVID has impacted the life of the city.
• 2022  Geopolitical consequences of the war in Ukraine.
• 2022  The informal city: the street vending economy (with Lina Martinez).
• 2022  Deaths and injuries in road crashes are a 'silent epidemic on wheels'.
• 2022  Settler colonialism helps explain current events.
• 2021  My choice of 5 best books on cities.
• 2021  Cities and climate change (with Abbey Farmer).
• 2021  Five essential reads on the infrastructure bill.
• 2021  Cities worldwide aren't adapting to climate change quickly enough.
• 2021  As urban life resumes, can US cities avert gridlock?
• 2021  Social inclusion in cities.
• 2021  The pandemic city: urban issues in the time of COVID-19 (with Lina  Martinez).
• 2021  Why COVID-19 won’t kill cities.
• 2021  Life satisfaction in the city (with Lina Martinez).
• 2020  Street vendors make cities livelier, safer and fairer.
• 2020  Contesting place names: The East Sea/Sea of Japan (with Leah Dubots).
• 2020  The emerging middle class in the Global South (with Lina Martinez).
• 2020  Is your city making you fat?
• 2019  Supreme Court says gerrymandering fix up to voters, not judges.
• 2019  New York gets serious about traffic with congestion pricing plan.
• 2019  Why US cities are becoming more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians.
• 2019  Consumption and the new middle class (with Lina Martinez and Maria Zafra).
• 2019  What do global metrics tell us? (with Justin Velez-Hagan and Leah Dubots).
• 2018  Four reasons gerrymandering is getting worse.
• 2018  Are traffic-clogged US cities ready for congestion pricing? 

Recent invited chapters to edited books.
• 2020  An Election in a Time of Distrust. In U.S. Election Analysis 2020: Media, Voters and the Campaign.
• 2020  Cities of the Future: Five urban imaginaries.  Cities of The World (7th ed).
• 2020  Housing Policy and The Suburban Metropolis: the United States and France. Routledge Handbook of Housing Policy and Planning (with Bernadette Hanlon).
• 2020  Walking The City: Flânerie and Flâneurs. The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of The City (with Kathryn Kramer).
• 2019  The End of The Suburbs. The Routledge Companion To The Suburbs.
• 2017  Introduction To The Urban Moment. A Research Agenda for Cities.
• 2017  Global Cities. The Wiley-AAG International Encyclopedia of Geography. • 2016  Urban Imaginaries of City and Nature. Handbook of Cities and The Environment.
• 2016  Attracting Wealth: Crafting Immigration Policy to Attract The Rich. International Handbook of Wealth and the Super-Rich.
• 2015  City Marketing. International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition.
• 2014  Cities in Civilization. The Planning Imagination: An Appreciation of Sir Peter Hall.
• 2013  Economic Wealth and Political Power in The Second Gilded Age. Geographies of the Super-Rich.
2012  Mega-events: Urban Spectaculars and Globalization. In International Handbook of Globalization and World Cities

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