I have been trying to understand some of the social impacts of the pandemic. I gave a public lecture in DC, presented a lecture hosted by Oxford University Press for college teachers. I have also written articles that deal with the impact on cities in general, the tenacity of cities, the transport consequences and the importance of the informal economy. I also wrote a second edition of Stress Testing The USA to highlight what the pandemic revealed about the structural weaknesses in the USA. Here's some of the links:

2022 The future of the city. Congressional Quarterly.
2021 As urban life resumes, can US cities avert gridlock? The Conversation.
2021 Why COVID-19 won’t kill cities. The Conversation.
2021 The pandemic city: urban issues in the time of COVID-19. Sustainability (with Lina Martinez).
2021 Stress Testing The USA.  Palgrave Macmillan.
2020 Street vendors make cities livelier, safer and fairer: here’s why they belong on the post-covid urban scene. The Conversation.
2020 COVID-19 in The Context of Human and World Regional Geography. Lecture for Oxford University Press.
Public Lecture in DC