A full listing is available in my cv. You can preview them at Google. Most are available for purchase at Amazon.
A sample:

2022 The Rise and Fall of The National Atlas. Anthem.
2021 Geopolitics: Making Sense of a Changing World. Rowman and Littlefield.
2021 Stress Testing The USA (2nd ed) Palgrave Macmillan.
2019 World Regional Geography. Oxford University Press.
2018 Regional Geography of the United States and Canada: Toward A Sustainable Future. Rowman and Littlefield (Co-authored with Lisa Benton-Short and Chris Mayda).
2018 Hosting The Olympic Games: The Real Costs for Cities. Routledge.
2018 The Unequal City: Urban Resurgence, Displacement and The Making of Inequality in Global Cities. Routledge. (Translated into Persian).
2018 Human Geography: A Short Introduction (2nd ed.) Oxford University Press.
2014 Urban Theory (2nd ed.) Palgrave Macmillan. (Translated into Chinese and Persian).
2013 Cities and Nature (2nd ed.) Routledge (Co-authored with Lisa Benton-Short) (Translated into Chinese and French).
2012 Korea: A Cartographic History. University of Chicago Press (Translated into Korean).
2012 Globalization, Modernity and The City. Routledge.
2010 Cities and Suburbs: New Metropolitan Realities in the US. Routledge (Co-authored with B. Hanlon and T. Vicino).
2009 Cartographic Encounters: Indigenous Peoples and The Exploration of The New World. Reaktion/University of Chicago Press.
2008 Cities and Economy. Routledge (Co-authored with Y. Kim). (Translated into Persian).
2007 Liquid City: Megalopolis Revisited. Resources for The Future Press/Johns Hopkins University Press.
2005 Imagined Country. Syracuse University Press (Reprint with new introduction).
2004 Making Space: Revisioning The World, 1475-1600. Syracuse University Press.
2004 Global Metropolitan. Routledge. (Translated into Persian).
2004 Representing The Republic. Reaktion/University of Chicago Press.
2003 The World Through Maps. Firefly (Translated into Japanese).
2001 Global Dimensions: Space, Place and The Contemporary World. Reaktion University of Chicago Press (Translated into Chinese).
2000 Alternative Geographies. Prentice Hall.